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Small business accounting is a unique animal.

You likely already know this, but there are significant differences between a multinational corporation and a small business. For starters, the first can employ tens of thousands of people while the latter probably only has a few full-time staff. Second, corporations that work across borders and around the world typically generate millions of dollars in revenue every year; your average small business most certainly does not. Third, there are all sorts of legal issues that multinational corporations must consider, from various trade laws and tariffs to taxing issues that only companies of their size need to consider. Small businesses have legal issues to keep in mind as well, but they typically aren't as serious and don't cost as much money.

The point here is simply to show that when you operate a small business there are unique challenges you'll have to face and unique things you'll have to think about. That's why when it comes to doing your taxes, managing your payroll and/or checking your operating costs it's important to hire a small business accounting firm. Only such firms will have the necessary and specialized knowledge to ensure that your small business is operating within the law and well within your budget.

To put it simply, small business accounting is a unique animal, so you need someone on your side that understands this uniqueness and knows how to address it. If you hire a mega-accounting firm that typically works with multinational corporations they simply aren't going to know how your accounting should be done. They'll be considering things that simply don't apply to your small business. Thus, you must find a great accounting firm that has vast experience working with small businesses. The more small businesses they've worked with over the years the more equipped they will be to address the specific accounting issues that small businesses deal with. For example, they'll know how you should complete your taxes to ensure that you are saving the most money. They'll understand what your payroll costs are going to look like and how you can write some of your payroll taxes off of your business' total income. They'll also know and have a strong understanding of the specific laws that regulate small businesses. If a new law passes that has an impact on how your small business operates, they're going to know about it. It's this specialized knowledge that you'll need to ensure that your small business bookkeeping is in your order and that your small business will be able to continue to thrive.

If you're a small business owner and you're looking to hire a new small business accounting firm, it's hard to do any better than Miller & Associates CPAs. With decades of experience in the small business accounting industry, a dedication to personalized service and a strong understanding of the laws, regulations and tax codes surrounding small businesses, they're an easy choice. Click on their name above, visit their website and put the right foot forward when it comes to the accounting of your small business.


Small business struggle with all sorts of problems these days, problems ranging from establishing a name for themselves in a highly competitive market, to issues with hiring new staff and getting them covered under some sort of health insurance plan. Perhaps one of the biggest issues facing small companies that are just getting their feet on the ground is the issue of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is not an area of business which allows a company to take time to try out different systems to see which best fits their company’s needs. Poor bookkeeping at the beginning of business could lead to a doubtful future in the world of business. Luckily there are more services than ever before which are directed at assisting small companies in handling their bookkeeping needs when they are just starting out.

Many small companies have begun to use the services of online bookkeeping assistance sites such as,, which provide a wide range of different services to their clients which do not yet have the tools to run their bookkeeping operations in an effective manner. The great thing about these accounting services for small companies is that they allow the company to hire them out for just as long as they need help, and then when the company feels that they are ready to start out on their own, they make the switch. There are no long term contracts with these temporary or one-time accounting services, so clients don’t have to feel like they are taking on a serious obligation with them. Here are some of the most popular services that accountant services for small companies are offering today.

Small business tax preparation is undoubtedly the most asked for service from small business accounting firms. Doing the taxes is complicated enough when the taxes that are involved are just those of a private individual, but when we are talking about the taxes of a whole company then the issue almost certainly requires the help of a trained professional. Tax codes pertaining to companies are very complex in nature, and being intimate with how they work could mean the difference between a company having to shell out a ton of cash at the end of the year, and one receiving a tax return in the mail. Especially when discussing small companies that are just trying to get started in their industry, the need for excellent tax work is even more important than for large companies. Small business don’t have cash to throw away on tax mistakes made out of ignorance to the many complex tax rules that exist for small businesses.

Small business accounting for payroll is another area which might be a giant help for small business getting their start. Setting up a payroll which functions properly is a task much harder than most small business owners imagine. The payroll system has to be dead on to the last penny and dime, or the company could end up overdrawing on their accounts, or ending up short on payday and losing valued employee trust.